Foto Flávia Ávila

Flávia Ávila

Behavioural Economist with 15+ years of experience studying and investigating individual and group behavior using both lab and field experiments. Founder of the first Postgraduate Degree in Behavioral Economics in Brasil in 2016 at ESPM Business School. Since 2005 led and designed 23 field experiments/RCTs while working in consulting, marketing, finance, strategic planning and pricing intelligence positions. Some field experiments were conducted with over 3MM customers and required the coordination of 500 team members from multiple departments. Founder and CEO of the consulting firm InBehavior Lab and Chief Editor of the website designed to promote the area of Behavioral and Experimental Economics in Brazil. Co-organizer of the book: Guia de Economia Comportamental e Experimental (first reading material in Brazilian Portuguese about the areas of Behavioral and Experimental Economics). The book has interviews and chapters with Brazilian researchers and key international references in the area (Richard Thaler, Dan Ariely, Cass Sunstein, Chris Starmer, Dean Karlan, John List, Paul Dolan, Varun Gauri, Shlomo Bernatzy, among others) and can be downloaded freely at BSc in Economics from UnB (University of Brasilia) with a MSc in Behavioral Economics at the CeDEx group (Centre for Decision Research and Experimental Economics) at University of Nottingham which is one of the primary centres for behavioural science research in Europe.