A new way of looking at our seemingly irrational behaviors in everyday life.

  • Which factors do we consider when making choices?
  • How can small details lead to significant changes?
  • How does the context of choice affect our decisions?
  • Which are the major drives in human decision-making?
  • Which biases do we systematically observe in consumer decision?
  • And, most important, how to deal with these biases or adjust products and services using Behavioral Economics?
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How can you learn to implement BE insights into your organization routine?

  • IBL Behavioral Scan

  • Workshop

  • Intensive courses

  • In-company training

  • Conferences and Seminars

  • Books and editorials

Who can benefit?

  • Executives and Leadership​
  • Economists
  • Psychologists and Behavioral analysts
  • Public managers​
  • Researches and Scholars​
  • Governance
  • Marketing teams​
  • Sales teams​
  • HR teams​