Effective and measurable results using behavioral sciences

  • Guarantee the right actions for increasing monetization and customer loyalty.
  • Identify opportunities in new segments and targets?
  • Reduce the risk of loss of investment after implementing initiatives?
  • Implement the test and learn approach focusing on innovation and behavioral sciences.
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What do we do?

  • Behavioral Diagnostics

  • Scientific and historical auditing

  • Design and implementation of behavioral interventions​

  • Lab and Field experiments

Where have these ideas been already implemented?

  • Consumer Goods​
  • Social Media​
  • Retail
  • Financial Services​
  • Urban Mobility​
  • Sustainability​
  • Advertising Agencies​
  • Management and Leadership

How do we do?

  1. Diagnostic

    First, we assess the problem, observing the incentives, biases, economic, social and contextual factors in play to make a diagnostic of the current situation.

  2. Experiment design

    Then we design tests and apply them to different scenarios and alternatives according to the strategy.

  3. Intervention

    Based on the test results, we select the products and interventions that can be more effective, among other key points, to design the best approach to accomplish the stated objective.

  4. Follow-up

    Finally, expert teams implement the intervention and monitor the results to measure its effectiveness and make the necessary fine-tuning.