Behavioral Lab

Innovative and exclusive tools that help us to understand human behavior.

One of the most relevant tasks in Behavioral Economics is to identify the various decision biases. We all have decision biases, but each of us tends to have different biases.

We have developed new and exclusive methodologies capable of providing a behavioral “diagnostic” of each person’s main biases.

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What types of lab tools do we offer?

  • IBL Behavioral Scan

    “IBL Behavioral Scan” is an integrated system that determines the inventory of biases and their prevalence at individual and collective level.

  • Mindguide®

    We have exclusive rights to this tool for qualitative and quantitative research from Behavioral Science Lab. MINDGUIDE® gives us a clear, validated, reproducible and highly effective picture.

  • Test and Learn

    Lab and Field experiments that validate behavioral interventions through measurable results.

Which are the possible applications?

  • Investment Profiles​
  • Buying decision process​
  • Client Journey​
  • Customer monetization​