Do you know the Behavioral and Experimental Economics Guide?

The 1st Behavioral and Experimental Economics Guide in Brazil was published in late 2015 with support from Inbehavior Lab. Organized by professors Flávia Ávila and Ana Maria Bianchi, it is a compilation of articles in Portuguese from the most renowned national and international authors around the globe.

Aiming to promote the field and due to the lack of textbooks in Portuguese, the Guide is available for free in PDF format at the website.

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Foto Flávia Ávila, autora do Guia de Economia Comportamental e Experimental

Flávia Ávila

Founder of InBehaviorLab consultancy firm and website She holds a Master's degree on Behavioral Economics from CeDEx (Center for Decision Research and Experimental Economics) at the University of Nottingham, England, one of the leading research centers in Europe for Behavioral and Experimental Sciences in Europe (2013) and a degree in Economics (2007) from the University of Brasilia (Unb). Mastermind and co-organizer of the "Guia de Economia Comportamental e Experimental". She has more than ten years of practical experience in experimental studies on human behavior, individually and in group, seven of them in areas of internal consulting, marketing planning and price intelligence in large companies. She is currently in charge of the Inbehavior Lab consultancy firm, teaches at ESPM, lectures and is a doctoral student in Economics at UnB.

Foto Ana Maria Bianchi, autora do Guia de Economia Comportamental e Experimental

Ana Maria Bianchi

She graduated in Social Sciences at PUC in São Paulo, has a master's and a Ph.D. in Sociology from the Faculty of Philosophy, Literature and Human Sciences at USP. In 1976, she started teaching at the Faculty of Economics, Administration and Accounting at USP, where she obtained the titles of doctor and tenured professor and teaches the disciplines of Methodology of Economics and Economic Sociology. Her lines of research are economics methodology, history of economic thought and behavioral economics.

Foto Ana Carolina Trousdell Franceschini, autora do Guia de Economia Comportamental e Experimental

Ana Carolina Trousdell Franceschini

She holds a Ph.D. and a Master's degree in Behavioral Economics and Experimental Psychology from the University of São Paulo (IP-USP). She graduated in Economic Sciences at Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP) and in Psychology at Universidade de São Paulo (USP). She holds an MBA in Corporate Finances from FIA/USP and specializes in Negotiation from FGV-SP. She has professional experience in Merges and Acquisitions and structured derivatives in Brazil and the United States. She teaches at ESPM in Brazil and at Reed College (Portland, OR, USA) where she conducts experimental research on loss aversion effects (taxes and pay cuts) on working and consuming behaviors using a token economy procedure.

Foto Felipe Augusto de Araújo, autora do Guia de Economia Comportamental e Experimental

Felipe Augusto de Araújo

Ph.D. Student at the University of Pittsburgh. He is graduated in Economics from the Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora and holds a Master's degree in Economics from the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. His research areas are experimental economics, behavioral economics, economic development, and microeconomics. He is currently engaged in research on how non-monetary (reciprocity, altruism, etc.) and monetary motivations (financial gain) interact in different contexts.

Foto Roberta Muramatsu, autora do Guia de Economia Comportamental e Experimental

Roberta Muramatsu

She holds a degree in Economics from the University of São Paulo (1996), a Master's degree in Economics from the University of São Paulo (1999) and a Ph.D. in Economics from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam (2006). She is currently an assistant professor at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie and a part-time professor at Insper São Paulo. She has experience in Economics and History of Economic Thinking, with an emphasis on economic philosophy and behavioral economics, working mainly on the following topics: choice theory, mind and brain relationship, neuroeconomics perspectives, and interactions between institutions, rationality and economic behavior. She has articles published in the Journal of Economic Psychology, Journal of Economic Methodology, Revista de Economia ANPEC, Revista de Economia Política and Revista Estudos Econômicos.

Foto Diogo Conque Seco Ferreira, autora do Guia de Economia Comportamental e Experimental

Diogo Conque Seco Ferreira

Postdoctoral degree from Tilburg University, The Netherlands, in 2013/2014, with studies in Economic Psychology. He holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Brasília (2000), a master's degree in Psychology from the University of Brasília (2001) and a Ph.D. in Behavioral Sciences (2008), also from the University of Brasília, with an emphasis on studies on consumer behavior. Has experience in Psychology, with an emphasis in Economic Psychology, Consumer Behavior, Social Preferences, Learning Processes, Memory and Motivation, working mainly on the following topics: economic behavior motivation, context effects on judgment and decision making, atmospherics and the use of Social Dilemmas in the investigation of complex human behavior.

Foto Ana Maria Roux Valentini Coelho Cesar, autora do Guia de Economia Comportamental e Experimental

Ana Maria Roux Valentini Coelho Cesar

Post-doctoral degree - Laboratory of Neuromodulation - Harvard University (2010), Ph.D. (2004) and master's degrees (2000) by University of São Paulo (USP), Business School (2004), B.A. In Psychology (1975) at Pontifícia Universidade Católica PUC-SP. She is a researcher and professor at the Mackenzie Presbyterian University in the undergraduate and postgraduate programs, both in Accounting Sciences. She is a professor in a specialization course at ECA-USP. Researches topics related to the decision making process. Leads research projects on topics related to decision making with the participation of Brazilian and foreign researchers. She is a co-author of a book. She is the author of a book chapter. Develops consulting and advisory work for companies. Professional experience in management. Develops consulting work.

Foto Camila Campanhã, autora do Guia de Economia Comportamental e Experimental

Camila Campanhã

Ph.D. and master's Degree in Developmental Disorders from the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie (UPM) in the Laboratory of Cognitive and Social Neuroscience. Ph.D. internship at the Laboratory of Neuromodulation at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Harvard Medical School (2012). Attended the Principle and Practices of Clinical Researcher course at Harvard Medical School (2012). Attended the first Summer School in Neuroeconomics at Heidelberg University (2010). She has graduated in Psychology from UPM. She took part in the creation of the Neuroscience and Applied Psychology specialization course at UPM (2013), where she teaches as a guest professor; she is also a professor of Psychology at Cruzeiro do Sul University. She conducts researches in Neuroeconomics on social decision-making, trust, empathy, altruism, moral judgment and gender.


    • Ana Maria Bianchi e Flávia Ávila
    • Economia Comportamental: Um Exercício de Desenho e Humildade
      Dan Ariely
  • PARTE I – Introdução à Economia Comportamental e Experimental
    • Alain Samson
      1. Uma Introdução à Economia Comportamental
      2. Ferramentas e Metodologias Experimentais
      3. Avanços Recentes
  • PARTE II – Economia Comportamental e Experimental: Teoria e Prática
    1. Entendendo Preferências: O que podemos aprender com a Economia Comportamental?
      Chris Starmer
    1. Intagibilidade na Escolha Intertemporal
      Scott Rick e George Loewenstein
    1. Economia Comportamental e a Crise da Poupança para Aposentadoria
      Shlomo Benartzi e Richard Thaler
    1. Comprometido a Poupar: Usando a Economia Comportamental para Motivas Pessoas
      Dean Karlan
    1. Nudging: Um Guia Muito Breve
      Nudging: Um Guia Muito Breve
    1. A Revolução da Ciência Comportamental nas Políticas Públicas e em sua Implementação
      Nick Chater
    1. A Ciência Comportamental e a Tomada de Decisão pelo Consumidor: algumas questões para os reguladores
      Daniel Read
    1. Consumo Irracional: Como os Consumidores Realmente tomam Decisões
      Jon Cummings, Ravi Dhar e Ned Welch
    1. Por que a Economia Comportamental Deveria Olhar Mais para as Emoções e Menos para Vieses Cognitivos?
      Eyal Winter
    1. Sobre a Psicologia da Pobreza
      Johannes Haushofer e Ernest Fehr
  • PARTE III – Economia Comportamental e Experimental por Pesquisadores Brasileiros
    1. Lições da Economia Comportamental para o Desenvolvimento e a Pobreza
      Roberta Muramatsu
    1. Psicologia Econômica: Mente, Comportamento E Escolhas
      Vera Rita de Mello Ferreira
    1. Introdução a Finanças Comportamentais
      Carol Franceschini
    1. O Papel do Autocontrole nas Decisões Financeiras
      Bernardo Nunes, Pablo Rogers e Gustavo Cunha
    1. Finanças Comportamentais: Aversão Míope às Perdas e Efeito Dinheiro da Casa
      Anderson Teixeira, Benjamin Tabak e Daniel Cajueiro
    1. A Economia Comportamental Aplicada a Políticas Públicas
      Fernando Meneguin e Flavia Ávila
    1. A Ética na Economia Comportamental: Uma Breve Incursão
      Ana Maria Bianchi
    1. Preferências Sociais, Jogos Econômicos e o Método Experimental
      Carol Franceschini e Felipe Araújo
    1. Altruísmo, Sanções de Terceiros e Cooperação: Uma Introdução à Pesquisa em Psicologia Econômica
      Diogo Ferreira e Anthony Evans
    1. Neuroeconomia: Uma Visão Geral Sobre o Tema
      Ana Maria Roux V.C.Cesar, Paulo S. Boggio e Camila Campanhã
  • PARTE IV – Depoimentos, Perspectivas e Diferentes Aplicações
    1. Richard Thaler (University of Chicago)
    2. Paul Dolan (London School of Economics and Social Sciences)
    3. Ravi Dhar (Yale School of Management)
    4. Varun Gauri (Banco Mundial)
    5. Arianna Legovini (Banco Mundial)
    6. John List (University of Chicago)
    7. George Loewenstein (Carnegie Mellon University)
    8. Rory Sutherland (Ogilvy Group)
  • PARTE V – Economia Comportamental e Psicologia na Prática
    1. Em Busca de Uma Perspectiva Comum em Economia Comportamental
      Timothy Gohmann
    1. Flagrar os Nudistas Descuidados: A Agenda dos Reguladores Comportamentais
      Roger Miles
    1. Aprendendo com a Experiência: Como Ganhar e Perder Clientes
      Henry Stott
    1. Nudging no Mundo da Formulação de Políticas Internacionais
      Cristiano Codagnone, Francesco Bogliacino, Giuseppe A. Veltri, Francisco Lupiañez -Villanueva e
      George Gaskell
    1. Transformar o Conhecimento do Ser Humano em Vantagem para os Negócios
      John Kearon e Tom Ewing
    1. O Poder do Rank: Insights Comportamentais para a Precificação de Produtos
      Henry Stott
    1. Como a Economia Comportamental Pode Fazer as Pessoas Felizes
      Elina Halonen e Leigh Caldwell
    1. Além Da Academia: Como a Psicologia é Adotada em Publicidade e Comunicações
      Juliet Hodges